RETURN THE LOVE™ with everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy.

Trueleaf Petcare is a company that cares about the health and happiness of our pets. Backed by research and our experienced team of life-long pet advocates, we believe in the power of high quality, natural ingredients and their ability to improve the quality of life for our pets.

The Trueleaf Team

Darcy Bomford and his dog Scout

Darcy Bomford

Darcy a pioneer in the pet industry with over three decades of executive experience and founder of the Darford®, Zero-G® and Trueleaf® brands. He will be leading a team that is highly focused on supply chain, product quality and customer support.

Daniela Fischer and her dog.

Daniela Fischer

Daniela is Trueleaf Petcare’s co-founder. Daniela is a veterinarian with over 15 years experience in the development of animal and human health products. As well as guiding Trueleaf’s scientific development, she will play a key role in our enhanced quality control process.

Lindsey and Lemon

Lindsey Eadie

Lindsey Eadie, a long-time member of the True Leaf team who is familiar with our distributors and retailer’s unique needs, returns to support our customer experience, assist with operations and work with your sales and marketing teams.

Ruth and one of her dogs.

Ruth Brennan

Ruth Brennan returns as our Controller to make sure the company’s finances are managed with the precision of a Swiss watch. Yes she is Swiss☺and has worked with Darcy in a finance role for over twenty years.

Here’s what to expect from Trueleaf coming up:

New manufacturing partners:

  • Initial production of the soft chews, 8 oz oils and oil-of-oregano line has been brought back to Western Canada
  • All North American orders will be fulfilled by a third-party logistics provider in Kelowna, British Columbia.
  • We are working with additional higher-volume manufacturing partners in the USA to secure the supply chain and solidify our long-term growth plans.

We see how passionate you are about Trueleaf and we look forward to working with you to support our companion animals to give them the quality of life and unconditional love they deserve.