True Leaf Reviews

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Jeff B.

“I love True Leaf products and their customer service. The website is easy to use and they are always quick to respond with any issues. My dog loves their products and they help him a ton!”

Alexander S.

“We got a bag of chews recently. The ingredients are quality and our dog loves them.”

Sean C.

“My extremely anxious dog has sever separation anxiety. Bella loves these chews! I give her two a day and it helps her remain calm and relaxed. We can now have visitors over without making her feel stressed out!”

Sarah A.

“Our dogs adore these chews. We have a 13-year-old fur child and a 5-year-old with hip problems. These are ideal for both of them, and I’ve seen an improvement in their mobility. They’re both playing more vigorously than they were before. What a treat!”

Nola C.

“One dog adores them, while the other has gotten used to the flavor and will now eat them happily after a few days of being hesitant. He no longer whimper when ascending stairway; it is quite amazing! Thank you, True Leaf, for your assistance.”

Lindsey T.

“My energetic dog has a lot of trouble with car rides, even short ones. I tried these not really believing much and was pleasantly surprised. Even on longer trips, they’ve helped to keep her quiet without making her drowsy or exhausted. I’ll certainly continue to give them to her.”

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